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Supply Chain

Risk Management


Managers need to assess the risk sources for the supply chain, identify the risk concept of the supply chain by defining the most relevant risk consequences, track the risk drivers in the supply chain strategy and mitigating risks in the supply chain.

Risk can be defined as ‘the probability of an unwanted outcome happening’ . In addition to supply chain coordination requires the coordination and collaboration of processes and activities across different organisational functions, such as marketing, sales, production, product design, procurement, logistics, finance and information technology.

Fast adaptation facilitated is one of the most critical supply chain functions, as unexpected developments can bring just-in-time supply chains to an abrupt halt

Who is this Course for?

Chief financial officers, supply chain finance, marketing or sales executives (managers, directors, VPs, EVPs), supply chain and logistics managers, consultants, supervisors, planners, and engineers, supply chain education and human resource management personnel, inventory planners, procurement and sourcing analysts and managers, and transportation planners, managers, and engineers


Why Choose an In-House Training? 

- Cost Effective, no travel, lodging, and location expenses

- 100% Custom, tailored to fit your learning objectives

- Convenient, suit your schedule and plan it ahead

Supply Chain


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