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Employers continuously face the challenge of hiring the “right” employees. It is important to hire the best people who can produce the results you need. By using methods and techniques taught in this course, participants will develop an increased success rate in selecting the best candidate for the job; that match the skills, competencies, and environment for the hiring manager, their department, and the company.



HR professionals, recruiters, development practitioners and line managers, or anyone who would like to conduct interviews more effectively.


You Will Learn:

• How to plan and conduct a logical, structured interview.

• To increase your effectiveness by learning an interview model and format to use each time you interview.

• To become skilled at probing and obtaining more truthful information and less prepared answers.

• To sharpen your interviewing skills with hands-on practice during the program.

• Different hiring techniques with an in-depth study of the behavioral approach to interviewing.

• To define job requirements and specifications to match your company, function and open position.

• The right questions to ask by learning how to develop effective targeted questions to identify the best qualified candidate.

• How to safely and correctly handle sensitive areas that will keep you out of “hot water”.


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