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ISO 8583 Message



Throughout this training you will learn how to handle the ISO8583 Message in terms of regulations, conditions and financial transactions while using All ATMs Types and POSs Types; more over all transaction types with ISO8583 Message format and data element usages in each transaction while handling all card types (Debit & Credit); and how Message ISO8583 will be handled and helpful for the transactions.


Who Should Attend this Course?

  1. Bank Department managers.
  2. Operation Staff
  3. Back office Staff



To attend this training you should have elementary/basic/advanced/sound knowledge on:

  1. EFT Card types
  2. EFT Transaction Devices
  3. EFT Transaction Settlement


Day 1

q      EFT Overview

q      Card Management Business Terminology.

q      Debit Switch Architecture

q      Credit Switch Architecture

q      ATM Device Description

q      POS Device description

q      Communication &Gateway Description

q      Security System ( HSM & PIN & CVV & PVV)

q      Magnetic  Stripe Card Description & Function

q      Smart Cards Description & Function

Day 2

q      ISO8583 Message

q      ISO8583 Definition

q      ISO8583 Description

q      ISO8583 MTI (Message Type Identification)

q      ISO8583 Primary & Secondry BIT Map

q      ISO8583 International  Specification

q      ISO8583 Data Element Description

q      ISO8583 - VTS System

 Day 3

q      Debit Transactions

q      Credit Transactions

q      Smart Card (EMV) Transaction Processing

q      ISO8583 Applied Chip Card

q      ISO8583 Transaction Exception Codes

q      Transaction Case Study



15 to 17 May, 2017

 8 AM to 4 PM


Registration Package & Special Offers:-

ü       Airport Pick-up & Delivery from/to Cairo Airport

ü       Accommodation in Hotel  , Single Room (4 Days– 3 Nights) on Breakfast Basis

ü       Course Material

ü       Attendance Certificate from ICE

ü       Coffee Breaks during the course

ü       Light Lunch during the course


Special Offers;

Register 3 Participants to the Course & Get 10% Off

Register 4 Participants to the Course & Get 10% Off AND the 5th Participant will be Free of Charge with the same above Registration Package 



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