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Manpower Planning and Development


Course Objectives

To develop skills and techniques to be efficient in Manpower Planning & Development, this training is going to provide various professionals better understanding of proper utilization of their workforce and know how they can help, save money, and plan for the organizations` future. Manpower planning requires the interaction of departmental managers with human resources professionals to maintain current staff levels and plan for future workforce needs.

This course is an interactive course. In learning each skill, we present the learning

point, illustrate its advantages, and give examples. Each participant practices and

gains confidence in using the skills.

Participants receive instructor’s and peer’s feedback and develop a plan for on-the-job reinforcement of the skills.

Course Outline

1. Concepts of Manpower Planning & Development;

2. Objectives of Manpower Planning.

3. Manpower Planning Process.

4. Manpower Planning Models.

5. Types of Manpower Planning.

6. Manpower Planning for Optimum Business Gain.

Who Should Attend

The program is suitable for Officers, Mid-level Managers, HR officers and other Executives in the private sector, Fresh Graduates who are interested in building their career in the personnel profession are encouraged to attend the program.

Training Methods

Lecture, Case Study, Group Discussion, Role play, etc.


Hilton Hotel - Cairo 

Course Language:

Presentation: English and Arabic languages

Material: English


5 days from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

12 To 16 of March. 2017



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