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Course Objectives: 

Introducing participants to the types of charter parties of vessels as well as the responsibilities and obligations of both the ship-owner and the charterer in each case


Course Outline:

1: Organizing shipping companies

2: The shipping market and its properties.

3: Chartering: 

Background, Legal Framework and an Introduction to Charter Negotiations

4: Owners and Charterers:

Basic Responsibilities under Time Charter/Voyage Charter

5: Glossary of Chartering Terms and Expressions

6: Chartering Brokers & Their Functions

7: Agency/Ship Agents

8: Types of Ships & Their Characteristics

9: Cargo Considerations

10: Charter Party Forms and Clauses; Also an Introduction to Sale and Purchase Forms

11: Lay time, and Demurrage

12: Marine insurance relationship with various charter parties

13: Protection and Indemnity Clubs.

14: Voyage Estimating

15: Tankers

16: Freight Derivatives



Hilton hotel - Cairo 

Course Language:

Presentation: English and Arabic languages

Material: English



3 days from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

3 To 5 of Jan. 2017



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